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I was recently forunate enough to find the third edition of the GURPS Basic Set on sale. I paid a whopping two dollars for the book- albeit with a large tear on pages 129-130. Then I started reading it.
I had known beforehand what GURPS was (Generic Universal Role Playing System, and all that). But it was not until I started reading that I realized all the possibilities. Everything could be done with GURPS.
I like movies and video games as much as any other and there always seems to be something that I want to try role-playing. Whether it’s the Halo universe or some sort of Transformers game, I want to try it. The hard part is attempting to find a system buit to accomadate these. I could write one, of course. It might even be playable. But that usually takes more time to write than I want to spend.
When I get an itch to play somethign like a Halo RPG it only lasts for so long. I only want to play a one-shot, anyway. That’s where GURPS comes in. With enough experience with the system- so that I can apply the rules correctly- I can play any sort of genre or setting without having to make up or learn new rules. It could allow me to explore all sorts of new games.

However, I haven’t actually played GURPS yet, so I don’t know if I even like half the rules. It’ll take some playing before I decide whether that’s the only thing I want to use as a system. But I’m looking forward to the research.

Goodnight, and keep rollin’.



  1. I am glad you picked it up. Two bucks is definitely a bonus. I have played for many years and enjoy the system. When I run the game with players new to the system, I keep it simple. I have used pre generated characters for the players and just ran a One Shot. Once they are comfortable with the mechanics and combat I introduce them to the vast character possibilities. I still keep the adventures as One Shots then as the players begin to buy into the system, I start the campaigns or try other genres. One thing to remember is that GURPS is deadly, so if the players are not used to that, (D&D and Pathfinder) be careful.

    • I hope I can run it soon. I need to read through everything first to make sure I know how it all works. The sheer variety of character options could very well put some off of learning it. Of course, there are some that thrive on the choices.

        • cheeseshop
        • Posted August 6, 2011 at 6:40 am
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        Just keep it simple for the first few sessions, but if they want to go all the way I would let them. Especially if they are veterans. I let new players create characters with all the rules once and it was as long as a game session. I did let them fight each other to get an idea of how combat works after.
        One of the nice things is the amount of work they put into the characters makes them vested.

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