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Befouling Thing

Number Apearing: 1-100
Enviroment: Swamps, but can spread anywhere
Difficulty Class: I (equal to an unarmed human peasant)

The befouling thing is a slimy creature. It looks like a slimy toad or frog and measures ten handsbreadths across its fat, flat body. It has four eyes set in a circle around its squat head. The four limbs that it uses for movement are thin and scabby, each with three toes.
Many scenic forests and fine meadows have been turned to swampy ground by befouling things. These disgusting creatures spawn in batches of ten to twenty from mucky puddles and dirty water of all sorts. They feed on anything green and will travel as far as is needed to find it. The slime that coats a befouling thing’s skin seeps into the soil and works torebuild the area into a good habitat for more hatchings.
However, this slime also works against the befouling things by destroying plantlife in the area, forcing the creatures to travel farther and farther in their search for food. A lone befouling thing will not have much impact on one area, but a hrode of them can sweep through any area and leave it a foul-smelling swamp.
The befouling thing, as disgusting as it looks, is actually extremely sweet and tender underneath. Many predators find befouling things a good meal, and not too hard to catch. The flopping hop of the befouling things makes it hard to outrun anything. Their meat is poisonous to humans, but other creatures keep the population under control in most cases.

Drooling Skin

Number Apearing: 1 (On a recent battlefield: 5-10)
Enviroment: Any, usually somewhere underground
Difficulty Class: III (Equal to a well-armed human warrior)

Drooling skins are vile undead creatures created when particularly powerful necromancers animate corpses as skeleton warriors. The bones rise out of the flesh and muscles, and residual energy can give the skin life as well. A drooling skin is supported magically, but it has no real muscles. It hangs in shreds from where the bones were removed and a constant drizzle of drool hangs out of its mouth.
Drooling skins search for blood and bones and muscle to take for their own. They attack anything living that they come across. But these undead cannot reform themselves, and can only pile the bodies in their lairs in the hope that some necromancer will arrive soon to restitch the drooling skins back into full corpses. There is no recorded history of this happening, but there is no reason why it could not.
Fearful of losing their stock, drooling skins will never venture far from their lairs unless a particularly good opportunity arises. A great battle can draw them, or other such carnage. Veteran soldiers often speak of drooling skins in hushed whispers. The undead come to a field of battle and carry off the dead and dying in their ragged, boneless arms.


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