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Randomly generated monster names (courtesy of Seventh Sanctum) made into full creatures.

Mule Willow

Number Apearing: one
Enviroment: Forests and beside streams
Difficulty Class: I (equal to an unarmed human peasant)

Not a plant, but not quite an animal, the mule willow is a strange creature. It is tall and trunk-like with dozens of thin limbs sprouting from its top and arching down to brush the ground. Each one ends in a three-clawed hand the size of a large apple when balled into a fist.
The mule willow has small eyes with barky lids that form a ring around the trunk. A large mouth, filled with hard teeth for grinding, is set about halfway down the body.
The mule willow moves on four feet. Each is thick and set at teh bottom of its trunk. They are arranged irregularly around its base. A mule willow finds a likely spot of ground near a cluster of berry bushes or brambles. The mule willow will hang its limbs out until it feels the flutter of a bird flying by. The three-clawed hands grasp at the bird and drag its struggles into the mule willlow’s maw.
The mule willow will also attempt to feed upon any other creatures that come within reach. Even something as large as a man can be brought down by dozens of grasping hands.

Belch Slug

Number Apearing: 3-5 (1 & 2-4 young)
Enviroment: Underground lakes and streams
Difficulty Class: Adult-II (equal to a militia-quality human), Young-I

The belch slug is a huge, slimy lump of flesh the size of a draft horse. It has a great gaping mouth at one end of its body, and two stalks surmounted by milky eyes rise aboe its mouth.
The belch slug is a subterranean creature that lives in lakes and rivers. It feeds on fish and other meaty creatures. It has no qualms about scavenging dead creatures or eating those still alive.
The belch slug reproduces by vomiting up its young. These then clamber on the parent’s back to ride until food is found. When the parent begins to eat, the young climb down onto the meat and feed. Belch slugs will attacks men that venture too near the shores of their underground waters.
The slime that the belch slugs exude has a minor anesthetic property when applied to skin directly. Soem apothacaries will pay for jars of the slime. However, blech slugs will only exude the slime when alive and well-fed.


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